Sunset cruise, Santorini

Watching sunset from a boat is from our experience a must do in Santorini! The sunset happens in a unique scenery, surrounded by black volcanic rocks the sun disappears into the blue waters of the Aegean sea. There are several agencies offering this trip, but which one to choose? Hopefully, our post will come in handy.

Sunset cruise which is the most worth the price

Originally, we wanted to take the cruise with a dinner. Fortunately, we get convinced that it’s not worth it and it’s totally truth.


Sunset cruise in Santorini

We took the evening sunset cruise with DAKOUTROS Travel. You can see all the information on their website. We totally recommend this agency. The price of the trip (35 €) is fair. We visited the volcano Nea Kameni, hot springs and took a nice long ride along the caldera. Then we watched the fabulous sunset and returned back to the old port of Fira. Everything was as promised and we even got a glass of wine to drink during the sunset! The best was that unlike other boats that we’ve seen, our boat wasn’t crowded.


The boat passes under caldera of Santorini

There is no food included in this cruise. However, the cruise takes 5 hours and you spent at least half of out outside the boat and you don’t want to eat during the sunset. Therefore, there is almost no time to enjoy your food. Moreover, it’s always in a form of buffet and we don’t like when a crowd of people “fights” over food. In case you are worried that you will get hungry, this is not a problem. The boat stops in Thirassia, which is a small island, where you can eat or drink.



Sunset cruise with dinner

This is almost the same trip as the previous one, but with dinner. It costs 65 €, so you pay 30 € for dinner. This is not too much, but we think that it is better to eat in a restaurant in Thirassia. There are several agencies offering the same trip on the same boat called Afroditi. If you are more people some agencies give you a discount of 5 €.

Oia from the boat

Oia from the boat

The boat making this cruise is quite big and usually crowded, for this reason we don’t recommend it.

You can find more information for example on this webpage.

Santorini Semi Private Catamaran Sunset Cruise

Booking a semi private catamaran sunset cruise is probably the best option for people who like to have more privacy. The maximum is 18 people on the catamaran. The price is higher, 150 €/person, but the dinner they offer seems to be much more delicious.

Volcano Nea Kameni

Volcano Nea Kameni

We were really down to pay the catamaran cruise, but unfortunately, it doesn’t include the visit to the Nea Kameni volcano.

You can find more information for example on this webpage.

Basic info about the cruises
  • bring some better shoes to walk on the volcano Nea Kameni, the path is quite steep and stony
  • bring sun cream and hat
  • on any cruise, the entrance fee to the volcano in the amount of 2,50 €, isn’t included
  • after the sunset it gets a bit chilly, maybe bring some light sweater
  • charge your camera, you will take many pictures
  • it takes around 5 hours
  • the transport to the port is not included. Some agencies provide it for a fee of 5 €. However, we recommend you to pay the famous donkey ride (5 €) or the cable car (also 5 €). You can also walk for free down the donkey road, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Be careful, the road is not very good and donkeys leave a lot of “tracks” behind
Donkey ride in Santorini

Donkey ride in Santorini

All in all, we recommend the sunset cruise without the dinner. Anyway, any option you will choose, you will for sure love the sunset!!!

“Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo!”
Denisa and Marcelo

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