Scotland’s Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle is located on eastern coastline of Scotland. Thus we had to cross whole Scotland to reach it from the Isle of Skye. However, it was totally worth it, as we were rewarded by a stunning view of a castle built on steep cliffs. The castle is partly ruined, which gives to this place dramatic and mysterious vibes.

How to get there?

The Dunnottar Castle is located south from a small city called Stonehaven. Stonehaven is easily reachable by a train. From the train station it is about 5 km to the castle. Since the bus schedule is poor, the best option is to take a taxi. In comparison with other castles, visiting the Dunnottar castle requires quite a walk and therefore it is not comfortable to carry heavy luggage. Unfortunately, there are no lockers in Stonehaven’s railway station. We took a risk and trusted our taxi driver. We left our luggage in the trunk. Anyway, if it wouldn’t be Great Britain, respectively Scotland, we probably wouldn’t risk it.


Fort on the shelving slope

Translated from Scottish Gaelic “Dùn Fhoithear” means “ Fort on the shelving slope”.  The castle is build on a small headland into the sea. With the waves of the North Sea constantly crash on its rocks, it’s amazing that the forth stands here for over a thousand years.


The coolest thing about the Dunnottar Castle is that from some angles it looks like it is located on an island. In reality, a steep narrow path leads to its gate. It is very wet and slippery, therefore we recommend some solid shoes.


After 15 minutes we reached the entrance gate to the castle. From there we could walk freely between the ruins surrounded by the greenest grass you can imagine.


We are not going to talk about the history of this place too much. The most interesting fact is that the Scottish crown jewels were hidden on the Dunnottar castle from Oliver Cromwell’s army in the 17th century.


Many castles are related with ghost stories and the Dunnottar Castle is not an exception. It is even claimed to be the most haunted in Scotland! The most famous ghost is the Green Lady. Better be careful in the castle’s brewery, where this girl dressed in a dull green tartan dress is said to be witnessed. We haven’t seen her though 🙂


We really liked our time at the Dunnottar Castle. Unlike, the Eilean Donan castle, the Dunnottar Castle is not so crowded by tourists. Of course, you won’t be there alone, but at least you don’t need to dodge people. Therefore it’s an amazing place for relaxing, which offers both, the history and the nature.


For information about opening hours, prices and news, you can visit the official website of Dunnottar Castle.
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