Stand up paddle in Rio de Janeiro

Do you know what it is stand up paddle or SUP? This water sport is becoming more and more popular, because unlike to surf you don´t need many hours to manage to stand up paddle. The sport is realized on a board similar to surf, but a paddle is required, it reminds us of a hybrid of kayaking and surfing. For the first time in our lives we stand up paddled in front of the famous Copacabana beach. We were thinking about trying this activity for some time and when we finally did we felt in love with this sport and would like to do it every day! Here is a short post about stand up paddle in Rio de Janeiro as well as a small video!

There are numerous stands along Copacabana that hire stand up paddles, we chose one near the Fort of Copacabana, where the ocean seemed to be calmer. The rental fee is 30 R$ for a half hour and 50 R$ for one hour. One hour was perfect for us to enjoy stand-up paddling for the first time as we were a bit tired from falling, getting back on the board and of course of paddling against waves.

The guy who rented us the boards gave us some basic instructions how to properly stand up paddle. We lie down on our boards with paddles under us swam to the deeper water. Then came the time to stand up on the board for the first time, which we actually managed without problems. Marcelo managed to paddle without problems and soon he was taking waves and paddling around me while I was falling every five minutes and then trying to get back on my board. Fortunately after appr. half hour I managed to stay on the board longer and finally I could enjoy riding on the waves as well.


So if you don´t manage to stand up paddle in a few minutes, don´t worry and be a bit patient it will come to you It´s definately easier sport than surfing and it gave us a freedom to enjoy more from the ocean. We are not able to swim far away from the coast in Rio de Janeiro, because the waves here are really strong. On the board we could go further, swim there or just drift on the waves. Beyond that the view on Copacabana with Sugar Loaf on the background is beautiful.

Copacabana is not the only place you can stand up paddle in Rio de Janeiro. There are rentals in Ipanema, Leblon, Barra, etc. Some of them even provide classes with instructor, in Barra da Tijuca the price for 5 classes is 400 R$, but we truly think it´s not neccessary.

We liked stand up paddling so much that after we tried it this time we had to stand up again and again. What about you do you have any tips where to do SUP?


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Denisa and Marcelo

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