Bazaar in Alanya

Many people who are planning to spend their holidays in Turkey want to visit a local bazaar. However the reasons why they would like to visit a Turkish bazaar are various. We visited a bazaar in Alanya and this is how it looks like there.
The bazaar in Alanya is huge, it begins in the bus station and ends next to the harbor. Many streets are filled with stores, restaurants and bars. Unfortunately the bazaar is totally adapted for tourists. It has nothing in common with a typical Turkish bazaar where fabrics, spices or fruits and vegetables are being sold.

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One of the streets in Alanya filled with many stores

Instead, almost all the stores are filled with fake clothes and bags of all famous brands. And people are buying it, so why wouldn’t they sell it. I bet that every second tourist is coming back with at least one fake t-shirt 🙂 The offer of fake clothes is rich, we saw fakes of adidas, nike, dolce and gabana, michael kors etc. Sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference but sometimes it was pretty obvious. When I considered that it is not original, the unknown quality and no possibility to return it, I didn’t find it a good deal. Also the prices weren’t that good.

The streets look mostly the same and stores are selling mostly same things

The streets look mostly the same and stores are selling mostly same things

However it is possible to bargain and make yourself a good price. But sometimes you have to be rough. For example I decided to buy shorts and t-shirt. The starting price was 35 euros. Come on! I could buy it in season sales for that price. I was willing to pay 20€, but that was too low for the seller. In the end I offered him 20 euros bill and whatever coins I have. I paid 21,50 € and saved 13,50 €:)

We didn’t buy any more clothes, but if I would have though about it earlier I would by Turkish handmade cotton dress instead. It was more expensive (60€), but it was a real Turkish product!

2015-08-12 18.29.44

Cute magnet that we bought for our collection

Then we bought only some souvenirs. The souvenir shops are another category of stores you can find here. They are selling magnets, Alaadin’s lamps, various plates and much more things tourists like to buy.We didn’t see any store specialized in spices, only sometimes we only saw some bags of spices in a few souvenir stores. We found out later that there is a fruits and vegetables market once a week in Alanya which should be more traditional.

Conclusion: It is worth to visit a bazaar in Alanya for those who wanna shop clothes and souvenirs. We didn’t find it special in any way and besides price negotiating we didn’t see anything Turkish about it.

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