5 tips to choose the right place to spend your holidays

We just came back from our summer holidays and we really enjoyed them,but not everybody who we met there was totally satisfied with the place we stayed in. That inspired us to share with you some tips that should help your holidays to fulfill your expectations. Here is our 5 tips to choose the right place to spend your holidays.

1. Google some pics


What is easier than to google some pictures? After founding a place and a hotel this is the best and fastest way to see how does it look like there. Firstly simple google the name of the hotel and the place you would like to visit. Then you can specify your search, for example try to see how does pool, sea, beach, food, rooms, bathroom look like there. Sometimes is also good to use some adjectives with the name of the destination/hotel, like horrible, bad, messy, etc. In case google finds nothing, it is probably a nice place and you can continue to the next advice.

2. Use google maps

Yes, google is really helpful while planning holidays 🙂 Not only that it gives us a chance to see the location of our destination/hotel, but also we can see how does it looks like around there. Thanks to google maps you can find out how far away your hotel is from the nearest city, beach or airport. Check it out to avoid unwanted surprises such as a hotel too far away from the beach, in the middle of corn field or there a noisy road under your window.

Another pretty useful tool is “Google Street View”. Drag Pegman to the area you would like to spend your holidays and you can freely explore it. Now you can see if you would get a sea view or a view on a dilapidated shed instead of a sea view.

3. Watch a video on YouTube

Sometimes pictures can provide us distorted information, as they might be adjusted. Fortunately, there are videos on YouTube of many beaches, cities or even of hotels, especially from main touristic destinations. If you have doubts about the place you are planning to go, try to watch a video from there. Videos from visitors should give you a real picture of any place you wish to go.

4. Read reviews

Travel Tranquilo review in San Pedro!!

Travel Tranquilo review in San Pedro!!

The surroundings of a place we wish to relax seem nice, now let´s find out what people who’ve been there already think about it. Reviews are probably the easiest way to find out something more and impartial about accommodation as well as of a destination before visiting it. The best source of reviews is for sure TripAdvisor. Here you can find the average evaluation of the hotel as well as if the former visitors liked the location, food, rooms, service, level of cleanliness, etc. and other details. For example thanks to TripAdvisor´s reviews we knew even before arriving to our hotel in Turkey that we won´t be able to communicate in English much. It was totally truth! In case there are no reviews on TripAdvisor, we recommend to visit a webpage of your travel agency. Nowadays, better travel agencies publish on their webpages the reviews of their former clients that can be also helpful.

You can follow our reviews in Travel Tranquilo trip advisor’s account

Small advice, don’t be worried if there are a few bad reviews between many good ones. There is always gonna be somebody who wasn’t satisfied with something. Also mostly of the reviewers are people that disliked something, only few of the people who actually liked will write a review about it.

5. Have realistic expectations

Sometimes people tent to expect too much for the money they have paid. It is necessary to realize that the best hotels are expensive and that the price matters. However it is possible to find a good hotel for a good price. Always try to choose an accommodation and a place in accordance with your requirements. People prefer different things, somebody wants to be close to beach, somebody doesn’t care, somebody has to stay in a luxurious hotel, somebody is OK under a tent. Reviews and pictures give us a clue of weaknesses and advantages of a place we would like to go, then is on everybody´s discretion if he would like to spend his holidays there notwithstanding those revealed facts. On the other hand if you were promised something what what wasn’t a truth, feel free to complain to your travel agency or directly to your hotel.

Our last advice is to get over small annoying things, which almost always occur, and enjoy your holidays as much as possible. Try to keep calm if for example beach is rocky instead of sandy and instead focus on positive things such as then sea along your beach is much cleaner due to rocks 🙂 Your holidays will be as good as you will make them for yourself. This is your free time, so relax and enjoy every its moment! So whatever not serious happens try to stay tranquilo! 😀

These were our 5 tips to choose the right place to spend your holidays. Do you have any other tips that may help? Share with us in a comment below!

“Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo”

Marcelo and Denisa

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