Port Wine Tasting in Porto

Porto, the second largest Portuguese city is world wide known for its unique wine. Port wine tasting is definitely a must do! You don’t have to be a wine critique or a sommelier to appreciate its rich taste. As soon as we arrived to Porto, it was clear to us, that this city is very proud of Porto wine. You can buy or taste it almost anywhere, but in this post we will share our experience from Porto, so you know where to go.

Porto wine is not produced in Porto

The grapes from which the Port wine is produced grown in vineyards of the Douro Valley near border with Spain. Douro is the name of the river which runs from this valley via Porto to the ocean. The river made the transportation of wine to Porto easy.


Wanna taste Vinho do Porto? Have to go to another city called Villa Nova de Gaia

Even though, it seems like there is only one city, on one riverside of Douro river lies Porto and on the other one Villa Nova de Gaia.


Vila Nova de Gaia

Villa Nova de Gaia is the home to companies trading Port wine. Nowadays, their old buildings serve as museums and provide wine tasting tours.

One of wine tasting houses

One of wine tasting houses

Quasi free tasting

Do you want to try some Port wine almost without paying for it? In Porto it’s kind of easy, because wine tasting very often comes together with other paid attraction.
For example, by taking a ride on Teleferico de Gaia you gain tasting of one glass of Port wine in Quevedo wine house (more on their webpage). From the wines we tasted it was the least tasteful for us. Anyway, why not to try it for free 🙂


Inside of Quevedo wine house

On the other hand, we really like the tasting we gained with the Douro river boat trip. We had one tasting before the trip in Quinta do Noval (more on their webpage). The offered 3 years old white Port wine was delicious.


Wine tasting at Quinta do Noval

The next wine tasting in the wine house of Royal Oporto or Real Companhia Velha (more on ther webpage) as known to Portuguese people is our TOP among “free wine tastings”. We could actually choose which wine we wanted to try. That means that as a couple we got 4 different wine samples. Besides that, we liked that this company is the only one still owned by Portugueses. We both 2 bottles there and we truly recommend you this place.


Inside of Real Companhia Velha

Wine Tour

Almost all the wine companies offer wine tours. We decided to take a wine tour in Ramos Pinto wine house (more on their webpage).

The tour was very pleasant. Firstly, we visited old working premises, which are now a museum. The office of its founder Ramos Pinto is very interesting, in the end as well as his life was. As our guide said, he liked wine and women.


Second part of the tour is in the wine cellars. Here, we learnt something about production of Port wine and what makes it so special.


In the end, we received 2 glasses of Port wine 🙂

2 samples from the tour

2 samples from the tour

Actual Wine Tasting

Still not enough wine? Well, there is always an option to pay for wine tasting. Every wine house offers different sets of wine tasting. We decided to taste more of delicious Ramos Pinto Port wine and order a set of five wines of age from 3 to 40 years old.


Just one comment at the end. Very unprofessionally speaking, the thing with Port wine is that as older it is it tastes less like normal wine and more like liqueur. This also means, that it’s stronger. It’s made to be drunk as aperitif.

Do you like Port wine? Which place do you recommend for Port wine tasting? Let us know in the comment section below.

“Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo!”
Denisa and Marcelo


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