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    Travel Tranquilo is a blog about traveling for everybody who loves to travel, enjoys to discover new places and is searching for some advices or tips what to see or to do in a chosen

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    Hey guys! Firstly, We would like to welcome you on our blog, which is dedicated to our main passion – traveling. We are young multinational couple, Marcelo is Brazilian and Denisa is Slovak. We love to

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  • 5 snacks to eat in Porto

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    Some say that Porto is Portugal's food capital and we totally agree. Even small snacks are delicious here! Those are 5 snack to eat in Porto.

  • Port Wine Tasting in Porto


    Porto, the second largest Portuguese city is world wide known for its unique wine. Port wine tasting is definitely a must do! You don't have to be a wine critique or a sommelier to appreciate its rich taste.

  • We moved to Portugal!!! Our first impressions


    After two years in Prague, we decided to move to Portugal for a few months. Yesterday, we arrived to Coimbra, which is the 5th city to be called 'home'.

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    Bazaar in Alanya

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    5 tips to choose the right place to spend your holidays


    Stand up paddle in Rio de Janeiro

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Quairaing, Scotland just as we expected it to be


Quairaing and its atmosphere was just as we expected Scotland to be. All the trails in the Isle of Skye are amazing, but this one is particularly glamorous.

Sunny colorful autumn weekend in Prague


Autumn is not our favorite season of the year for a few reasons. Above all, days are getting shorter, it´s getting cold and it rains a lot. Although, some autumn days may be lovely.

Fairy Pools, Scottish fairyland


In the middle of beautiful green scenery of Glen Britt valley in the Isle of Skye, the River Brittle has created small crystal clear water pools. This place is truly magical as well as

Old Man of Storr, one of the most photogenic places in the world


Walk to Old Man of Storr, located in the northern part of the Isle of Skye, is wonderful! Those who are not lazy to hike up on the top are awarded with view of

Vrbické Pleso – Low Tatras

Posted by • October 14, 2015 • Europe ,Slovakia Add Comment

Vrbické pleso is the biggest tarn of glacial origin in the Low Tatras. Due to its location it is easily accessible for anyone, for families with small children in a carriage as well as

A perfect place to swim with your dog in Prague

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Summer in Prague can be very very hot! When the temperatures are over 30° C you don’t feel like doing anything and the only thing you wish for is to cool down in the

Arriving to Santiago de Chile! – The beginning of our Chilean journey

Posted by • October 7, 2015 • Chile ,South America Add Comment

Finally It’s 13th October and our adventure through Chile can begin! In two months we will cross Chile from north to south. We will go to its total north, but to its most southern

Wanna pet a lion? We did in the ZOO Kontakt in Slovakia!

Posted by • September 30, 2015 • Europe ,Slovakia Add Comment

Lions are considered one of the most dangerous animals and that’s why I honestly have never thought once I would have a chance to touch a lion. Fortunately the life is full of surprises