Our small Greek circuit – 5 days to go!

It’s not an easy task to plan your trips when you have limited days off. I still hope that one day I will have more flexible job and therefore we decided that this year we will stay in Europe. However, our aim was to combine relax on the beach with discovering local culture and history. Therefore this year we will spend 17 days in the cradle of western civilization – Greece.

Greece has many beautiful islands, but one of them significaly stands out. Santorini, gimped with legends and mysterious history. It has always been my dream to visit Santorini, hence I am very excited to cross it out from my bucket list soon. It would be a pity, not to visit some other island in the famous Cyclades. Actually, why not visit two, when they are so close to each other? Right?

By Pedro Szekely (Flickr: Oia, Santorini)

During our Greek circuit we will visit also Naxos and Mykonos. Yeah, Mykonos, the famous party island in Greece! Since island called Delos, which is one of the most important archaeological site in Greece, is located only a few kilometers from Mykonos, we would like to visit it as well.

All in all, here is, for your inspiration, our itinerary:

  • Day 1: Bratislava – Athens (Ryanair)
  • Day 2: Athens – Santorini (Aegean)
  • Day 2-7: Santorini
  • Day 7-12: Naxos
  • Day 12-15: Mykonos
  • Day 15-17: Athens
  • Day 17: Athens – Bratislava (Ryanair)

All the island we will visit belong to a group of islands called Cyclades. Cyclades are indeed unique, not only by their natural beauty, but also by their rich history, during which various cultures have had impact on the local identity.

Transfer between islands

No worries! This is so easy. There are some search engines on the internet, which are very helpful finding the cheapest prices. I personally like this one:


I recommend booking your tickets in advance, because the cheapest ones are limited. If you book your trip in advance, the price of super economic ticket is only about 19 €. You can make your reservation via above mentioned webpage or via webpage of a respective ferry company. After making your reservation, you will simply pick up the tickets in the port.

Again for inspiration, these are the ferries we will take:

Route Time Name of a ferry Company Price/1p.
Santorini – Naxos 15.30 – 17.30 BLUE STAR DELOS BLUE STAR FERRIES 21
Naxos – Mykonos 15.00 – 16.15 EKATERINI P FAST FERRIES 17
Mykonos – Athens 19.30 – 23.59 NHSOS MYKONOS Hellenic Seaways 30,50

Hopefully, this will be helpful and if you have any questions or any tips, please comment in the section below.

“Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo!”

Marcelo and Denisa

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