We moved to Portugal!!! Our first impressions

After two years in Prague, we decided to move to Portugal for a few months. Yesterday, we arrived to Coimbra, which is the 5th city to be called ‘home’.

Finally, we don’t need to dress like an onions 🙂

We like winter, especially the ones with a lot of snow, as it is this year. But, we hate to dress up in million layers. For that reasons, we really appreciate the mild Portuguese winter. It was great to put on only snickers and a light jacket today. We can’t wait for the rainy days to stop so we can really enjoy our free time outside.

Chilly nights

On the other hand, during the night, it gets kind of cold. Most of apartments (including hotel rooms) don’t have a heating system and thus it is good to have a warm cover or somebody to cuddle with 🙂

Something smells so good around here…

Streets of Coimbra smell sooo goood! And it’s not just the smell, the food is actually really delicious. We are here just for a day and we haven’t visit any recommended restaurant, but we already know that we love the local food. The first Portuguese must-eat, which we totally recommend is “bolinho de bacalhau”, which is a soft codfish pastry. With a price around 1€ , it is a perfect snack.


Bolinho de Bacalhau and a croquette


I’ve never believed that there actually is a difference between Portuguese from Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese. My belief that I will have no problem to understand people in Portugal after being able to communicate in Brazil was very quickly disproved. Even Marcelo, who is Brazlian and therefore a native Portuguese speaker doesn’t understand a few words. Anyway, even without understanding all the words, we still managed everything without major problems.

One thing that is the same everywhere we travel

The only thing that doesn’t change anywhere we go is that Eminka is the center of attention. She flew for the 2nd time in her life and we cannot wait to go to a beach with her again. She still doesn’t understand where she is, but we hope she will enjoy it here at least as much as she did in Brazil.


Vou passear na praia de novo!

Tomorrow we are moving to our new apartment. We are very excited to unpack our suitcases and to enjoy everything that Coimbra and Portugal have to offer.

Talk to you soon!

Denisa and Marcelo

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