Eilean Donan Castle

After three days of hiking through peacefully green landscape of Isle of Skye, the time to move further has come. Although Isle of Skye is quite big, Scotland has much more to offer! Despite the fact that this days was mostly for transportation, we still managed to see some pretty amazing places. Our first stop was at fairy-tale Eilean Donan Castle.


Eilean Donan Castle is located nearby Kyle of Lochalsh, which is the first city after the Skye Bridge. The easiest and cheapest way to get there is by a local bus. You can find information about it on this webpage.  As the buses stop in front of the castle, there is really no problem to get there.


Eilean Donan means “island of Donnán”. Its is named after a Celtic saint.

As soon as we saw this castle, we were amazed! The picture of medieval castle partly veiled in mist rising from the lakes in its background is mystical. No wonder, it is recognized as of the most iconic images of Scotland.


Eilean Donan Castle is a tidal castle. The bridge connecting it with the land is maravelous

Without further knowledge, it seems that there is one huge lake surrounding the castle. In reality, what makes this place even more interesting is the fact that three great sea lochs (lakes) meet at this point.


Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh are the three lochs which meet at the point where Eilean Donan Castle stands

Inside the castle you can find a small museum. The exhibition approximates the life inside the castle as well as its history. The castle was founded in the 13th century, hence it has many stories to tell.


The beauty of the castle and its easy accessibility attracts many tourists. Therefore be ready that in the high season (july, august) it gets quite crowded. Anyway, the Eilean Donan Castle is definitely a must see in Scotland!

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