Arriving to Santiago de Chile! – The beginning of our Chilean journey

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Finally It’s 13th October and our adventure through Chile can begin! In two months we will cross Chile from north to south. We will go to its total north, but to its most southern

Traveling to La Campana, Chile

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Would you like to do the same hiking as Charles Darwin did in La Campana in Chile, but you don’t know how to get there? Then this post is for

La Campana, Chile – In the footsteps of DarwinLa Campana, Chile – Po stopách DarwinaLa Campana, Chile – In the footsteps of Darwin

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La Campana National Park is one of the places Charles Darwin chose to observe Chilean and South American nature. We believe that he was fascinated by the view from the top of the Cerro

How to get robbed in Chile[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Get-Robbed

Before you read this post, believe us that We love Chile, we have tons of incredible memories from there and we have met so many kind people in Chile. Too bad this had to happen,

Top 10 Animals to See in Chile part 1

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Chile is a surely very different and beautiful place with many unique sightseeings and a lot of tasty wine, but,  there are many other  things people do not know they will find in this wonderful country.

San Pedro de Atacama


Atacama desert is the driest desert in the Earth. It covers around 105.000 square kilometres in four South American states – Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru. We have visited this dry stony land in

Geysers el Tatio

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Geysers el Tatio is one of the largest geysers in the world. We loved this magical place! El Tatio is absolutely a must

Laguna Cejar

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A bike tour in the Atacama desert? Why not if you are at least as crazy as us! The hotness and the sun, both were killing us while we were biking to Laguna Cejar