7 unique beaches in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful island in the world. Thanks to its picturesque villages, it’s the most beautiful island in Greece; at least for us, but we guess many would agree. Everybody, who have visited the Santorini knows, that the local beaches are not the best. Certainly, you will not find a “Caribbean style sandy beach” in Santorini, but on the other hand, beaches in Santorini are unique. In this post we will show you that if you search, in Santorini you can have a different beach experience everyday.

Red Beach – the most unique beach in Santorini

The Red Beach is a must see in Santorini. What does make this beach so famous and special? The cliff surrounding it as well the rocks of the beach are strongly red. The contrast created by blue water and red rocks makes this place glamorous!


Red Beach is the most famous beach in Santorini

Anyway, since it’s the best known beach and it’s quite small, it’s get very crowded. The infrastructure is not great, therefore bring something to lay down. The Red Beach is quite easily accessible. There is also a bus stop. We recommend you to buy some drinks in stands before you enter the beach, because there is mostly nothing and you may be lazy to go back to the parking lot.

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Red Beach

In our opinion, it’s not the best beach for swimming. Water is dark because of the dark rocks creating the beach and has quite a lot of algae. You have to swim a bit further so that you don’t swim in a mess (also mostly made by people).


From the top, the Red Beach is stunning

White Beach

Close to the Red Beach, you can find the White Beach. We haven’t visited it, but there you can take a small boat from the Red Beach to get there comfortably.

You can find more information about this beach on

Adventurous beach with crazy waves (sometimes) – Vlychada

Vlychada beach is one of our favourite beaches in Santorini

We found this beach totally by coincidence. We got a bit lost while we were driving around the island on rented ATVs. The beach is long and wide enough with some sunbeds to rent. As many beaches in Santorini, also this one is covered with dark grey sand with occasional small rocks.


Vlychada Beach

On the day we visited the Vlychada beach, the sea was very strong and wavy. We had a lot of fun playing in the waves. Anyway, we had to be careful because the sea was pulling us away from the coast.


Crazy waves, Vlychada beach

This place is excellent for eating as well. Many traditional restaurants with sea view are located on the road leading to a beach. The only problem is that all of them look amazing and it’s hard to choose where to eat.


Kamari beach – best services

Kamari is one of the most visited tourist resorts. It’s a great place to stay if you want to be close to the beach. The beach is characteristic by its dark black sand caused by volcanic activity.

Kamari from the top

Kamari from the top

Kamari beach is very well organized, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, showers as well as water sports.


Kamari beach has excellent infrastructure

In the main season it gets quite crowded and busy, but there are so many restaurants, bars and sunbeds that you will for sure find a place for yourself.

Selfie on the Kamari Beach

Selfie on the Kamari Beach

We especially liked the promenade surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants. It wasn’t as crowded as Fira and Oia and provided enough options for food and entertainment.


In one of many restaurants in Kamari

Perissa – longest beach

Perissa is very similar to Kamari. It’s the longest beach in Santorini. We personally liked Kamari more, because there were too many people on the Perissa beach.


Swimming, Perissa Beach

However, Perissa is perfect for those who are searching for a busy tourist resort. There are many various hotels, restaurants and bars. It’s fantastically organized and offers all the necessary services.

Kambia Beach – hidden gem with a delicious restaurant

Kambia Beach is located between the Red Beach and White Beach. Almost nobody comes here, which makes this places amazing.


Peaceful Kambia Beach

We walked to this beach from the Red Beach, which took us about 20 minutes. White rocks surrounding it make it very similar to the White Beach. Unlike on the Red Beach, the water is crystal clear and amazing for swimming.


Delicious fresh fish at Kambia beach bar

The small family run restaurant is a bonus! The food they serve is the real treat. We order small fish and they were the best fish we ate during our whole holiday in Greece. What’s the secret? Their fish is always fresh as they catch them by themselves.


So tasty!

Exo Gialos – quite beach

In case you wanna get rid of people, Exo Gialos is the right place. The beach is not particularly nice, but there are almost no people. It seems like a worse version of Kamari or Perissa. There is a restaurant, but the prices are quite high.


Which is your favourite beach in Santorini? Let us know in the comment section below.

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