7 days till GREECE!

Today is finally Friday and the countdown is on! Only 7 days and we are leaving for yet another trip together. This year, I am super excited, because we will visit some places which I’ve always wanted to visit. Most of all, I can’t wait to watch the most beautiful sunset in the world on the top of caldera in the picturesque Santorini. However, we will visit more stunning islands across a group of islands called Cyclades, such as Naxos, Mykonos and Delos.

Despite it’s a bit stressful, I love the time before traveling. I truly enjoy the excitement, the shivering in my tummy when I discover a beautiful place which I would like to visit, especially when it’s not a place known to mass of tourists. For example, visiting countryside of Santorini with its vineyards should be a nice change comparing to crowded capital Fira.

However, there are many things that we still must be taken care off. Unlike when we travel for longer period and we visit places rather spontaneously, for a few days traveling I like to plan our itinerary, so that we don’t regret missing something later. So that’s the quest number 1 for this weekend – finish planning what you wanna see.

Then of course there are some things we should buy such as insurance and few more items to our equipment. Moreover, since so far the weather hasn’t been very good for sunbathing, we are very far away from being tanned. Therefore we will need some sun lotion otherwise it won’t end up well.

Last but not least, I need to solve the biggest problem caused by flying with low-cost, how am I gonna pack all my stuff without exceeding the maximal luggage weight limit? Ryanair is kind of crazy, the price for luggage is almost the same as the price for a flight ticket (15 kg/ 40€ one way; 20kg/50€ one way). I guess I will not be able to more than 3 pairs of shoes 🙁


Anyway, nothing is a problem when I imagine that in 7 days I will relax on the beach, swim in a warm sea and drink some refreshing local drink!


Me and Marcelo in a week!

What about you? Have you already planned your vacations? Where are you going? Do you prefer to run away from the hotness to a colder place or you rather enjoy sun somewhere on a beach?

The most important is to remember that “Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo!”
Denisa and Marcelo

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