5 snacks to eat in Porto

Some say that Porto is Portugal’s food capital and we totally agree. Even small snacks are delicious here! Those are 5 snack to eat in Porto.

1. Pastel de Bacalhau

Since we arrived to Portugal, we have tried dozens of fried cod balls. BUT the one made in Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau in Porto is spectacular!


No. 1 of our 5 snacks to eat in Porto

It’s special, because it is filled with sheep cheese from Serra da Estrela (mountain range in Portugal). We ordered it with Taylor’s Port wine and this combination is unforgettable.


With Port wine it´s even better

The restaurant is operating since 1904 and exists also in Lisbon.

Address: Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau – Porto
R. Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 108, 4050-367 Porto
00351 916 486 829

It´s made freshly!

It´s made freshly!

2. Tarylene

Tarylene is a pork sandwich which special taste comes from marinating the meat for more than 20 hours. It’s so delicious that after eating one you will order more!

Somebody wants a bite as well

Somebody wants a bite as well

The restaurant by itself is very traditional, being founded in 1852. Check it here. One Tarylene sandwich costs 4€, but if you are at least in a couple it’s worth it to order it with a bottle of wine for 10€.



Address: Flor dos Congregados
Tv. dos Congregados 11, 4000-179 Porto, Portugal
00351 22 200 2822


Flor dos Congregados

3. República dos Cachorros

One of the best hot dogs we have ever eaten. The hot dogs are not only cooked, but also grilled, which makes them much more tasteful. The restaurant prepares different types of hot dogs, so it’s up to your taste which one you’ll choose. You can check their website.


Hot Dog in República dos Cachorros

Address: República dos Cachorros
Praça dos Poveiros, nº 30
00351 22 200 76 39

4. Chorizo

Eating chorizo = sausage in Portugal is fun! It comes raw and is grilled on the table over alcohol.

They serve it in many restaurants in Porto as well as in whole Portugal.

5. Chocolate salame

Or Salame de Chocolate has nothing to do with meat. It´s actually a desert made of chocolate and biscuits. It´s a great with coffee as well as with Port wine.
To try it, visit any bakery in Porto.

Or you can try some other traditional Portuguese dessert

Or you can try some other traditional Portuguese dessert

These are our 5 snacks to eat in Porto. Are there any other snack you would recommend to eat in Porto? Let us know in the comment section below.
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Denisa and Marcelo

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