3 hours in Inverness

The great think about traveling on your own is that you can always change your plans and just stop or stay wherever you want. We were so fascinated by Scotland that we wanted to see as much as it was possible. On our way to the eastern coastline of Scotland we stopped in the city called Inverness. Why? Just because we liked its pictures on the internet. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect city to walk around.


The railway station in Inverness is fairly close to its city center. Thus we didn’t need to use any public or other transport, which is great. On the first sight it is obvious that this city is not as touristic as other places in Scotland.


We had only 3 hours in the city so we visit all the sights only from outside. In our opinion, it is not necessary, because what we really liked was the atmosphere of the city. Maybe it’s because it was summer and the day was once again beautiful, but we found this city wonderful to live in. We are probably not the only ones, who think so. According to wikipedia, Inverness was found to be the happiest place in Scotland in 2014 and 2015.


We’ve spent only 3 hours in Inverness, but we loved every minute of that time!

The first place we found in Inverness was the Victorian Market. It is the perfect to buy presents, because there are many stores with various goods. You can find more information on this website.

Victorian Market in Inverness

Victorian Market in Inverness

From the Victorian Market it is only a few minutes to the river coast.  Translated from Scottish Gaelic, Inverness means “Mouth of the River Ness”. This is because the city is situated on the banks of the River Ness. The most of the important monuments of Inverness are situated along the river, therefore, it was very easy to find them. This website provides the basic information about historical sights in Inverness.


On the bridge over the River Ness

For us, the most memorable is the Inverness Castle. Thanks to its reddish color it differs from other castles. It is located at the heart of Inverness, therefore you will not miss it. We haven’t tried to visit it, but according to various sources on the internet, the access for public is currently only limited and thus it is not that worth to visit.

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

Close to the bridge leading to the Inverness castle, one Scottish traditional pub got our attention. We couldn’t resist and entered. The bear was delicious and we had another amazing opportunity to chat with some “happy” Scotts.


Refreshed by a glass of Guiness we headed back to the railway station, where we took a train to the city called Dundee. In Dundee, which is located on the eastern coastline of Scotland, we started the second part of our Scottish adventure. Since now, we spent more time in cities than in the nature. In any case:

“Wherever you travel, Travel Tranquilo!”
Denisa and Marcelo
P.S.: What is your favorite Scottish city? Let us know in the comment section below!

Enjoying a cold Guiness in a typical Scottish pub

Enjoying a cold Guiness in a typical Scottish pub

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